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Shiseido Sublimic Fuente Forte Shampoo (Dry Scalp) 450ml (Refill Pack)
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Brand Shiseido
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
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Gently removes impurities, while protecting the scalp from losing moisture. ・Mild, cool sensation




For Scalp Care,

●Those who are concerned about a dry scalp,

●Those who are concerned about the scalp’s oiliness or odor,

●Those who are concerned about dandruff and itchiness of the scalp


Restore the scalp’s moisture. Nurture the hair’s health.

Get ready for a beautiful future. The skin of the scalp is sensitive to environmental stress, and when the scalp is irritated, the hair is affected, too. Shiseido’s unique Scalp Enhancing System applies advanced skincare technology to protect the scalp from stress factors. The result is the consistently healthy scalp condition that is vital for bringing out beautiful hair—today, and into the future-FUENTE FORTE



We focused on the scalp’s own power to become beautiful and the external stressors which give negative influence to the scalp. Shiseido’s unique “Scalp Enhancing System” supports the growth of beautiful hair by creating a healthy scalp environment based on scalp condition.


For a scalp that is richly hydrated

Derived through Shiseido’s long years of skin research, the “power of skin to generate moisture on its own” allows the scalp to be richly hydrated.


For a scalp that is strong against external stressors

Protects the scalp from causes of trouble such as air pollutants.


Promotes blood circulation through the fragrance

Jasmin Sumback Element promotes blood circulation to achieve a scalp brimming with the ability to nurture beautiful hair.