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Shiseido Sublimic Luminoforce Shampoo 450ml (Refill Pack)
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Brand Shiseido
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
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Gently removes impurities while preventing the fading of hair color.




For Colored Hair Care,

●Those who wish to retain their beautiful salon color,

●Those who are concerned about coarse hair due to repeated coloring,

●Those who want shine to their hair after coloring


Bring out luminosity. Bring back suppleness.

Make color last and last.


Shiseido’s unique Color Luminous System brings out hair’s natural shine, by magnifying hair’s ability to reflect light. It also repairs coarse hair, allowing smoothness and suppleness to return from the core. Hair appears lit from within. Color is no longer a drain on your hair’s ability to shine-LUMINOFORCE



We focused on the coarseness and loss of shine in hair which has undergone repeated coloring.

Shiseido’s unique “Color Luminous System” prevents color fading and highlights the beautiful shine of colored hair, making hair supple from the core.


Treating coarseness to make hair supple from the core Lipid Repair Ingredient* replenishes the lipids and moisture lost due to coloring *Squalane (softening ingredient)


Increasing shine by the regular reflection of light Arginine repairs the melanin holes within the hair while High Brightness Oil coats the hair. The regular reflection of light is enhanced from both inside and outside the hair.


Making colored hair last longer Color Shield Ingredient coats the hair surface to prevent color fading.